Selling A House

Selling a house doesn't feel the way it is. In reality, it's shockingly time-consuming, complicated and emotionally exhausting to sell your home, particularly if you have never done it before. Perhaps, it might sound like a privacy violation as people can come into your home to look at your wardrobes to cabinets.

We are going to break down the important steps to sell your house, so you can win over the customers and sell it for the most money – without sacrificing your composure.

  • Get your home ready to go: Start preparing your house for sale well before you list it. Clean up your house from top to bottom. Delete something that relates to a home’s appearance, such as family photos and conceal it in closed closets, storage rooms, a shed or an off-site storage facility. Take the chance to sell or offer away things that you no longer use. Use professional house cleaners, paint interior walls in light colors or rearrange furniture to fill large spaces.
  • Determine your home's fair market value: Research the market and set your price. Check out recent sales of similar homes in your region to see where your home will be rated. Check for selling rates for homes of comparable completed square feet, bedroom and bathroom count, and lot size. Price your house too little and you're going to walk out with less cash. But the price is too high and the house will stay for months without a sale. You can use a real estate agent for competitive market analysis.
  • Collect details and write the ranking: Relevant details that you need to collect in order to build a real estate listing contains basic statistics and data regarding your house. This includes quantitative information such as the year it was built, finished interior square footage, lot size, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, and asking for the price. Other information to be listed include community and location, heating and cooling setup, and parking arrangements.
  • Stronger first impression: Next comes a photo or a video. Today's buyers start searching their property online and the first thing that attracts their eyes on search results pages is pictures. As a result, photos can determine if someone will call and make an appointment when listing a property for sale online, or click on the next list of properties.
  • Market the property:
  1. Social Media - Share your property listing with stunning photos and strategic hashtags across social media channels including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest.
  2. Reach out to other agents - Your listing agent will network with buyer agents who know about the area to bring home hunters looking to the table in your area. 
  3. Traditional marketing strategies - In the end, brokers are often promoting homes utilizing conventional approaches such as print media, including newspapers, magazines and local flyers to attract more buyers.
  • Open house showings: Buyers also want to have a personal look at the house before making any commitment. You need to be present and prepared for the length of your open house, though. So make sure you dress properly, pay respect to everybody and address questions with diligence and thoroughness.
  • Negotiate the contract: Pay close attention to the details here:
  1. Price to buy
  2. Date of closure
  3. Special pension allowances, home improvements and closing costs.
  4. Home inspection, appraisal and purchaser financing deadlines.
  5. Additional contingencies, such as the selling of the new house for the purchaser
  • Closing: Complete the paperwork and close the sale. Closing on a house is a completely legal matter. That means there is a specific process and it will either be handled by the closing lawyer or the title agent. Once you decide who that party will be, they will give you the necessary procedures.

Key Takeaways: At the end of the day, home selling is really about setting your priorities and which strategy to sell will help achieve those goals. One of the best things you can do to help quickly sell your home is to prepare your home to get a great first impression.

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